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Equi-Ping Safety Tether Release

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Equi-Ping is a safety tether release for horses and ponies. Equi-Ping are versatile safety tether releases and can be used inside and outside the stable as well as while traveling in a horse stall or trailer. They can be used on the outside of stalls and trailers at shows. You can safely leave Equi-Ping outside in all weather and is a must have piece for any safety kit.

Product Details:

  • The safety mechanism is easy to open and close.
  • Lead ropes smoothly slip through the Equi-Ping making for ease of use.
  • It's designed to be re-used and comes in a range of colors.
  • One Size only

Directions for use: When tethering your horse, simply attach Equi-Ping to the metal ring on your stable wall, stall or trailer then tie your horse's lead rope to it. If your horse or pony panics and pulls back, the Equi-Ping is designed to "ping" open when a certain stress point is reached safely releasing to help avoid injury to the horse.

Although Equi-Ping cannot prevent injury in all cases, it does significantly reduce the risk.

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April 12, 2016
"These are easy to use, fit almost anywhere and its a safe way to tie your horse without that worry of a pull back freak out that could get dangerous."