Horsemens Pride Amazing Graze Pasture Toy and Treat Dispenser

Item# AG100
Weight: FOB 10.0 Lbs
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The Horsemens Pride Amazing Graze Toy is a smart and effective way to keep your horses happy and occupied. This durable treat-dispensing toy prevents against stall boredom and encourages a happy, well mannered attitude in your animal. Perfect for horses that are turned out in the paddock, it's made of heavy duty poly construction to hold up with even the most "playful" of horses! It's also a wonderful boredom buster for horses that may be on stall rest due to rehab or injury. With ample room to clean and fill the treat container, you can provide your horse with hours of entertainment.

Product Details:

  • Made of heavy-duty polyethene
  • 4" access hole for filling treats or cleaning
  • Single dispenser hole measures 2"
  • Dimensions: 20" long x 15" wide at widest part. Cylindrical middle is 12" long x 9" in diameter
  • Perfect for stalls or turnout!

Customer Reviews

Average Rating:

(based on 15 reviews)

Hubbard Lake, MI
June 20, 2020
"This is much larger than I was expecting and it holds a lot of treats. The horses and donkeys are loving this! I put timothy hay cubes (not pellets) in it and they are the perfect size for the opening. They fall out but the horses need to work for them. Since the weather is hot right now, I decided not to use apples or carrots to keep them from spoiling. I will definitely try them this winter though. It took the donkeys less than a minute to figure this out, the horses not much longer."
April 02, 2019
"This is an amazing product! I filled it with a scoop of hay cubes and put it out in my horse’s paddock. My horse went to investigate and immediately started to roll it around and a hay cube was dispensed. He really enjoys it."
Lockport, NY
January 20, 2019
"This is the best of these treat dispensers available in our market. I have another kind from the UK that I like better because the treats are slower to fall out. I usually use hay stretcher to fill these. So here is a work around. I take small plastic containers, like from premium ice cream or dog supplements. The kind with screw off tops. I drill a hole in the top. Then I fill the small containers with my treat of choice and put those inside of this dispenser. Viola! More of a challenge."
December 23, 2018
"My three horses love these! They are much sturdier than I expected, well made."
Oswego, IL
November 09, 2016
"Great toy to keep my horse from being bored in his stall, and to play with in the arena. My horse is curious, and the treats are an added bonus for him. Durable. Only complaint is the treats fall out to easy."