Jolly Pets Teaser Ball X-Large

Item# 1510J
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Weight: FOB 3.0 Lbs
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Teaser Ball by Jolly Pets. This unique ball-within-a-ball design keeps pets on their toes and holds their attention for hours!

Product Details:

  • Plastic 10 inch ball with ball enclosed.
  • Soft bouncing ball inside that will not come out.
  • Fun for high activity dogs large dogs. 
  • High-density polyethylene plasitc is durable enough for even the most aggressive players!
  • Non-toxic.


Customer Reviews

Average Rating:

(based on 2 reviews)

April 12, 2016
"Our older Aussies love this ball.. they pick it up and carry it around.. But we just got a puppy and he was fascinated by the ball inside.. hmmm, well, then he stuck his head in and got stuck...and his crys for help had us running in to see him struggling to get out. We got him out and reassured him with lots of hugs and kisses.. That Ball is now wrapped up and put away till he is older.. well, atleast till his head is bigger. Otherwise a great toy...I still rate it 5 STARS...It was definitely an oversight on our parts as we saw it as too big a ball for a puppy.."
April 12, 2016
"When you own a GSD, it is tough to find a toy that withstands their high drive nature. However, the Teaser Ball by Jolly Pets has always been a favorite around our house! She started with the small ball as a puppy, and has worked her way up to a large one. I could not be happier with this toy."