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How Liquid Titanium FAR Infrared Therapy Works

W. Lawrence Schoolmeester, MD, MMM

What are Far Infrared Therapeutic Benefits?

 Some of the most intriguing healthcare technologies are those that utilize far infrared light. The research department at Life Extension Magazine acknowledges the diverse healing effects of Far Infrared Light:

 "A growing body of clinical evidence supports the use of far infrared as a non-invasive health-promoting therapy."

 Maladies that have been shown to improve with the application of far infrared therapies include: chronic pain, arthritis, joint stiffness and inflammation, and insomnia. Far infrared enhances blood circulation in the skin, improves blood flow in internal organs, and supports cardiovascular health. The application of far infrared light has also been correlated with an overall improvement in health.

 What Is Far Infrared Light?

You may remember from high school physics class, electromagnetic energy falls along a spectrum of various wavelengths. Some of these wavelengths are visible to the human eye: namely, the colours we see in a rainbow. What we refer to as "visible light" is this range of frequencies that a human can see

but, there are frequencies along this same spectrum that are not visible, and infrared light or infrared energy is one of these.

 The name "infrared" is derived from the Latin word “infra”, which means "below." Red is the colour associated with the longest wavelengths—which means the lowest frequency—of visible light. Because infrared light has an even longer wavelength—and lower frequency—than red light, it is designated as "below-red."

 Within the range of infrared frequencies, there are three sub-categories: near infrared, mid infrared and far infrared. It's the far infrared rays that have been applied in healthcare technologies.                                                       

The Benefits of Sunshine Without The Risks

About 80% of the sun's rays fall within the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum. This invisible band of light warms objects—including the human body—without warming the surrounding air. The healing warmth of far infrared energy can penetrate deeply into the body (up to a depth of 3.5 inches), which means its positive effects reach not only the skin but also muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc. that lie beneath the surface.

Unlike high-frequency ultraviolet rays—which can cause sunburn or contribute to cancerous growth on the skin—the low-frequency far infrared rays do not damage the skin. So devices that emit far infrared light can provide many of the benefits of sunshine, without the risks that accompany exposure to UV radiation.

The History of Far Infrared Technology

Sir William Herschel discovered infrared light in the early 19th century. His discovery was the by-product of a scientific experiment designed to measure the temperatures of the various colours of the visible light spectrum. Herschel discovered that temperatures increased from the violet to the red part of the spectrum. On a hunch, he measured the temperature just beyond the red portion of the spectrum and discovered that this area had the highest temperature of all. This led Herschel to hypothesize the existence of an invisible frequency of light beyond red light—which led eventually to the discovery of infrared light.

The application of infrared light to heat and heal the human body—through technologies designed specifically for this purpose—began in the early 20th century in Germany. Since the mid 20th century, these technologies have been developed also in China and Japan. In 1965, a Japanese physician (Dr. Tadashi Ishikawa) was granted a patent for a zirconia ceramic infrared heater, which was used for infrared thermal healing. For the first fourteen years after their development, these devices were available only to medical practitioners—until their release for public use in 1979.

Since the early 1980's, the United States along with many European countries have continued to explore and refine infrared therapies. One common application of infrared technology in U.S. hospitals is the infrared heating elements in neonatal beds, which are used to keep newborn babies warm.

Infrared Energy Emitted by The Human Body

The human body also emits infrared energy—particularly from our palms. You can actually feel the heat of the infrared energy by holding your palms very close to one another, without them actually touching. And for thousands of years—in China, Japan, and other Asian countries—the healing properties of the infrared energy produced by the body and emitted from the hands has been acknowledged via the practice of palm healing.

 Are There Risks Or Side Effects To Far Infrared Rays?


So far, there have been no significant side effects observed with the use of far infrared energy in healthcare technologies. It's generally safe and effective. That said, if you're pregnant or suffering from a severe injury or illness, it's always best to consult with a knowledgeable trainer or healthcare provider before incorporating a far infrared therapy.

Extra Ingredients for Multi-Vitamins

Other ingredients to look for in multi-vitamins are minerals, amino acids, and pre- and pro-biotics. When looking at mineral levels, one thing to pay attention to is the calcium to phosphorous ratio (it should be somewhere close to 1.5 : 1). Look to see if your supplement is supplying chelated minerals or inorganic minerals. Chelated minerals are minerals chemically combined with at least one amino acid, and are thought to be more bioavailable than inorganic, or raw minerals. Choosing a supplement with a pre- and pro-biotic to help your horse’s efficiency of digestion is always a good idea.

Accel and Accel Lifetime by Vita-Flex are two excellent choices for a general vitamin and mineral supplement. They provide a comprehensive range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and several strains of pre- and pro-biotics. Vita-Plus, a Farnam product, is another good one, as is Dac’s Orange Superior. I feed Progressive Nutrition’s Pro Add Ultimate, and have had excellent results in topline conditioning, coat bloom, and hoof health. This particular supplement, similar to Purina’s Super Sport, is a high protein, amino acid supplement with added vitamins and minerals.

Take a close look at the numerous multi-purpose vitamin and mineral supplements we have to offer. I am sure you will be able to find one that fits the needs of your horse and budget. You can bridge the gap between your feeding program and your horse’s nutritional requirements.

Far Infrared Rays (FIR) is a light energy and is considered essential to our wellbeing and health. According to NASA, infrared stimulation is an ideal way to maintain cardiovascular stimulation.  Fenwick's Liquid Titanium fabric produces internal warmth enabled by Far Infrared Rays that are able to penetrate into the skin's subcutaneous layers where they convert into radiant heat, raising the body temperature.   Blood circulation is the result, thus beginning the "domino-effect" increasing metabolism and creating an improved immune response.  Detoxification is achieved as the warmth from radiant heat helps to flush out toxic substances, heavy metals and other cell waste products through the sweat and fat glands in the skin. In addition, our Liquid Titanium fabric has eased nervous tension, stress and anxiety producing a calm and balanced mood with increased awareness in many horses.

Far Infrared Therapy is a natural, drug-free healing method to relieve pain, restore energy and boost the immune system.

Fenwick's Liquid Titanium also produces Negative Ions which have been proven to make us feel better by providing us with more energy and a positive mood.  Think of when you are at the beach and the air smells so clean, or after a rain shower and everything seems so fresh.  This gives you an idea of what negative ions can do for you.  Then, think of how you feel being in a centrally heated or air-conditioned office all day, every day.  You can't wait to get outdoors and breathe fresh air!   A horse living in a stall in a city is like us being in an office all day and night.  Statistics have proven that when an ionic air purifier is used in offices, people's performance increases by 25%.  We can only absorb 15% through breathing, but by using the skin to absorb negative ions, we can absorb up to 100%.

Fenwick's cutting edge fabric allows one to continually wash and dry the product without diluting the qualities.  This performance fabric functions equally as well on a wet horse as a dry horse.  Also, there is no limit to the length of time one can leave this sheet on the horse.  During the testing stages of this product, the sheet was successfully left on horses overnight with excellent results.  The Liquid Titanium blanket can be used as a blanket liner or a stable sheet. For the summer months, be sure to shop the Liquid Titanium Fly Sheet too.  

 "A healthy, relaxed and focused horse performs better!"

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