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Mares Milk Plus by Buckeye Nutrition is a scientifically formulated milk replacer for orphaned, rejected, or nursing foals. It contains the highest quality milk proteins, vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal growth.

Product Details:

  • Designed for orphaned or rejected foals or to complement low quality milk and under or non-producing mares.
  • Ensures your foal receives essential vitamins and trace minerals
  • Highly digestible, all-milk proteins to help support healthy digestion
  • Fully-fortified to meet all of he foal's needs optimum growth, survival and health
  • Nutritional equivalent of mare's milk
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Easy to mix highly palatable formula that blends easily in cool tap water
  • Developed for free-choice consumption which mimics the foal's natural nursing behavior and results in fewer digestive upsets and more progressive growth

Buckeye Promise:

  • 100% whole, fresh, tracable ingredients delivered daily and tested for safety and quality before ever entering facility.
  • 100% equine focused
  • 100% med-free facility

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating:

(based on 4 reviews)

Lake City, MI
June 20, 2017
"I adopted two orphan foals and have been feeding this to them. They are doing great, gaining weight and being sassy. Plus, it arrived in two days so that was great! Love it."
Versailles, KY
May 19, 2017
"Our rejected filly is growing better than expected using this milk replacer. She loves it and drinks it very well."
Creighton, MO
April 02, 2017
"I used this over 20 yrs ago on an orphan foal. LOVED it !! This mare grew and grew! I had Vets who couldn't tell she was an Orphan. At a year old she was bigger than a lot of colts her age. The fact that you can mix and hang it was great too. Was Truly a Life saver !! Sugar my orphan is an old lady of 21 now and still looks great. I believe she reached her full potential size because of this great product. Wish I could post pictures for you to see !"
April 12, 2016
"The best foal formula Ive found. The foal has gained weight extremely well on it and really looks better than some of our other foals that are nursing their mothers."