Equinety Horse XL 600gm

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Equinety Horse XL is an all-natural amino acid formula specifically designed to enhance the life of your horse. Equinety increases energy, endurance, strengthens bones, collagen and muscles, helps improve immune system and vitality. Blend of 8 amino acids are designed to provide optimal nutritional support for your horse.

Product Details:

  • Maximize performance with cell regeneration
  • Improves muscle support
  • Daily source of essential Amino Acids
  • Stronger collagen for healthier coat and bones
  • Increased focus and calmness
  • Does not test
  • No fillers, no additives, no preservatives, sugar free, gluten free, starch free, yeast free, soy free
  • Non-genetically modified, created out of love and medical science for horses to increases longevity, performance and quality of life.
  • 90 day supply

What makes Equinety different than other products on the market? ONE is the particular combination of amino acids and how much of each one to make up the “stack”. SECOND, instead of targeting a specific area such as joints, coat, gut, hooves, attitude, recovery etc, it’s targeting the pituitary gland. THIRD, using free form crystalline amino acids which “tickle” the anterior pituitary gland, which releases the necessary hormones the body needs to help repair itself at a cellular level. With all that said, Equinety gives the body what it needs to help heal itself from a cellular level and balances the horse from the inside out!

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Customer Reviews

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April 18, 2021
"This stuff is amazing! I have used it for years on several different horses. From lameness to top line. My gelding has cancer in his right eye that flairs up. This product actually helps with the cell generation! I always have a jar in my barn!"
April 17, 2021
"Help my Arabian gelding to be calmer, more focused and help immensely with his chronic abscesses. "
April 09, 2021
"I've just started using Equinety for my quarter pony that has some founder issues and am hoping this will help him along. I have read many great reviews about this product so keeping fingers crossed!"
Hartford, WI
April 03, 2021
"I have been using Equinety for 3 months now. My pony with Laminitis has grown healthy soles and hooves. The farrier is pleased. I have started my coming 3 yr old on it and also it has helped her hooves grow much healthier. This product really works."
New Lebanon , OH
March 20, 2021
"I have a minn pony that founder last year he was getting bad over the winter, but he is getting better since I have been giving him this. I can see a difference in him"