Uckele Poly Copper 1lb

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Poly Copper is for horses with diets Copper deficiency or high in Copper antagonists, such as sulfate in drinking water, or diets that include high iron intake.  It is also helpful for horses with "bleached" coats and red ends on manes and tails. 

Copper plays a role in a variety of functions within the horse’s body.  It supports the production of:

  • Coat and skin pigment
  • Synthesis and maintenance of joint cartilage
  • Tendons, ligaments and blood vessel walls
  • Reproduction
  • Immune function 

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Hibbat Zion, NA
May 18, 2019
"I've been using this for years. It's hard to know but one huge difference is that my dark bay horse used to turn "burnt orange" from the sun here in Israel. SInce I started using Poly Copper his coat is down a deep chocolate brown!!"
August 06, 2018
"I started feeding this because the water in our area is high in iron and found out the horses need to be supplemented. It not only keeps the hair coats from bleaching as much but seems to help with contracted tendons in the foals."