Pyranha Spraymaster System

June 1, 2023 16 view(s)

Pyranha SprayMaster System
Automatic & Effortless Insect Control for the entire barn!

Install it in an afternoon and enjoy freedom from insects year round! This 55 gallon SprayMaster Barn Misting System is all you need for relief from all pesky insects. It contains a 1/2 horsepower electric motor-driven pump controlled by a solid state electronic timer that is programmed to dispense insecticide as a very fine mist. The time spreads out application during specific intervals through special spray nozzles. This hassle-free solution controls harmful flying and biting insects in and around your barn plus it is expandable up to 80 stalls.

Check out the video below for details on how to install your system:

Every SprayMaster System includes:

Everything you need to install the system in a 4 stall barn (expandable up to 80 stalls with the purchase of additional hose and nozzles)

Easy to install with basic tools

Click Here for Pyranha's System Design Guide - This calculates the suggested number of nozzles you will need based on the size and configuration of your barn
Click Here for Pyranha's System usage guide - this calculates an estimate of how much spray you will need based on the timing of the spray intervals you choose and the number of nozzles

Contact us at 800-321-2142, live chat or if you need additional parts, nozzles or tubing for your system


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