Digestive Supplements

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If your horse is in training or regularly traveling to shows, they are exposed to many stresses and environmental changes that could be wreaking havoc on their digestive system. Some estimates show that up to 90% of competing horses are affected by gastric ulcers. Adding a digestive supplement to your horse's daily feed could be just what they need.

Many digestive supplements contain a blend of calcium and magnesium for a buffer effect that soothes and coats the stomach lining and neutralizing acids. Other digestive formulas contain a blend of healthy gut bacteria to help maintain normal digestive function and in turn; improve nutrient absorption. For a complete comparison chart with a breakdown of key ingredients Click Here. This chart makes it easy to pick the right supplement for your horse depending on their individual needs.

Liquid, pellet, granular, powder and paste formulas are available depending on your horse's taste.

Succeed Digestive Oral Paste is one option that is a patented blend of various prebiotics, amino acids and soluble fibers to enhance and improve your horse's digestive system and overall well being. Each box includes 30 single dose syringes to help your horse improve from the inside out. A digestive imbalance not only effects the gut, it also can cause irritability and physical discomfort so if you're not sure your horse is performing at their best, give Succeed a try! It's used and promoted by professional athletes across all disciplines including Steffen &amp; Shannon Peters (Dressage), Timmy Dutta (Polo), Nicky Greenhill (Para-Dressage), Cheyenne Winberley (Barrel Racing), The O'Connors (Eventing) and many more.</p>

Another popular paste formula is Ulcergard. It is the only FDA approved product to prevent stomach ulcers in horses. Each tube contains 4 doses of the cinnamon flavored omeprazole paste. There's no need to take our word for it - Read customer reviews here.

This information is intended only as a guide. The best way to ensure your horse is getting the nutrition they need is by talking with your vet.

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