Joint Supplement Basics

January 17, 2023 52 view(s)

Arthritic changes can happen in just about all horses, so a joint supplement is an easy way to maintain healthy joints and keep your horse happy. The best time to start a joint supplement is BEFORE your horse shows signs of discomfort. Joint pain can even be the cause of some behavior issues under saddle so maintaining healthy joints is crucial. Meeting with a professional saddle fitter can also be a very worthy investment for the long term comfort of your horse.

Could your horse really benefit from adding a joint supplement to their diet? Chances are, if they're in training, competing, being trail ridden or even a senior in retirement, the answer is yes.

If you're horse is already showing signs of discomfort, talk to your vet to help diagnose the cause of the issue and the best option going forward for their pain management. Ask if a senior joint supplement may be a good way to go, as they often have added probiotics and fat for improved nutrient absorption and weight support for their more delicate digestive systems. You might add supplements to your own diet as your joints age or arthritis flares up, so why not do the same for your horse?

Our selection of joint supplements contain proven ingredients like glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid (HA) and MSM - similar ingredients to joint support supplements you might take yourself! Studies show that these can work to reduce swelling, maintain soundness and can even result in a decreased need for expensive & invasive joint injections.

Take a look at our Joint Supplement Chart with individual active ingredient comparisons, supplement form and daily dosages to help decide what might be the right fit for your horse.

You can also click here to shop all of our joint supplements. Some formulas are a concentrated liquid or powder allowing a small amount to be mixed in with grain rations while still being highly effective. Paste formulas are the best way to ensure your horse is getting every last drop, which is especially helpful for picky eaters and horses on ration balancers or hay only diets. Another great option for picky eaters are pellet formulas, which are often fornulated with alfalfa to hide very easily in your horses' grain. Daily easy packs are also available and a convenient option for boarders and large barns.

The Waldhausen supplement planner is also a great option to ensure your horse is getting what they need - set up a weeks' worth of supplements and safely store them directly on your stall front! Check out our Feed Storage section for great options on how to store your supplements safely and securely.

If you're still not sure where to start or what supplement to choose for your horse, our knowledgeable and experienced staff can help you decide. Call 1-800-321-2142 or start a live chat with us!

Check out our selection of supplements that ship FREE here. Plus, great limited time sales are added year round. Click here to shop Current supplement sales and special deals.

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